The C Family

June 10, 2017

“At Christmas we flew our daughter home and I knew that I wanted family picture. It would be our first family pictures since our son was born I found a local photographer and booked him. He spent less than 40 minutes taking pictures and he and his assistant kept reminding me that I was not hiding my “baby weight” well. He put the finished pictures on a website and the lighting was poor, awkward posing, and just stressed out faces on all of us. I was hurt because it is not like we had much time before our daughter had to go back to school. So I called Shannon B Whittington Photography and she made time to take our family portraits. The difference was night and day. She made my two little ones comfortable. There were no awkward posing or humiliating comments about my post-partum body. I LOVE our portraits and am forever grateful for your gift of Aestheticism and your ability to capture the love, life and true happiness that my family only has when we are reunited.”