I know how you feel

June 10, 2023

It is easy for me to tell my friends to trust me when having their hair and make up done, and being put into crazy feeling positions, so I decided to put myself on the receiving end of a little pampering and direction One of our talented hair and make up artists came to the studio today and made me feel so special and gorgeous ❣ Then she agreed to take a few portraits of me so I could remind myself what it feels like to be on the other end of the camera And what I found is that it is hard to imagine what you look like, and it is a little scary.

Do you smile, or not, how does your hair look, and do your arms look big, and what about your make up (it feels a little more than you usually wear), and this pose seems ridiculous (can you say pretzel), and what about all of the sun spots on my arms Thank goodness Brooke is an artist so she has an amazing eye. Our entire team is your advocate and we will treat you like a family member who is a celebrity.

We make sure that your make-up evens out skin tones, that your hair is styled the way you envision it, that they poses you are in look so natural even though they feel a little crazy, we work together on your clothing so you only bring styles that help you look your best, and you direct us on the things that concern you, so those can be edited in a way that you feel comfortable with. We talk you through everything so the end result is portraits that you absolutely love of yourself ❤!!!

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