Time poor………

June 5, 2023

Family and Work dominate your time and attention, and that is how it should be!

So let’s work around those priorities to design the portrait session that you dream of!

We can meet via zoom if that saves you time, or if you desire to meet in person to peruse through our couture closet and touch and feel all of the gorgeous products we offer, then we can find time on your schedule to meet in person. During this time together we will talk about what you can expect, what type’s of clothes photograph beautifully, what looks you love, how you can best prepare for your portraits, and what happens afterwards:)

From there you find those perfect outfits (that we already planned) and if needed additional help is available.

Next is your big day~!!! A day of fun, encouragement, purpose, empowerment, celebration, and pampering……and at the end you will have the freedom to see the images that we created earlier, and the privilege of making the decision as to what you absolutely love and how you would like that imagery edited. You are in complete control! If there is nothing you love then you don’t have to purchase anything. (But if I do my job right you will love them all:)

A short time later all of your portraits will be edited and ready for pick up. Whether you desire printed legacy portraits or high resolution digital images our goal is to create the most beautiful portraits of yourself that you have ever seen and share them with your family, friends, spouse, clients, and potential clients!

I invite you to a portrait session with me, it will change the way you see yourself! #liveinthemoment #empowering #innovator

Have questions?  Get in touch with us today!